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The Editors’ Choices: Featured Selections from Our Backlist

Way back in 1999 — before Facebook, broadband, and the ascendency of “Lord Google” — Farwell Forrest and I began writing In the Same Boat, a weekly column for what was then the fresh new canoeing and kayaking website Paddling.net. Our column was published every Tuesday for the better part of two decades, and while our articles covered a broad range of topics, the unifying theme was always the many joys (and occasional travails) of messing about in small, no‑octane boats. But nothing lasts forever, and we wrote our last column for Paddling.net on August 29, 2017. That wasn’t the end of In the Same Boat, however: On the following Saturday we happily shifted our mooring to our independent website, Back in the Same Boat. Our old columns traveled with us, and we continued to publish new articles every Tuesday, with occasional pieces on other days of the week.

That was then. This is now. After completing the laborious task of reformatting and uploading nearly 1,000 previously published columns and writing new ones every week for a year, we wrote our last new article on 31 October 2018. After a grace period, we also pulled most of our backlist off Back in the Same Boat. It was not an easy decision, and to learn why we took this drastic action, read “Upping Anchor: We Cast Off — Again.”

Well, our faithful readers were disappointed, and we’ve had a stream of requests to make many of our articles available again. So that’s what you’ll find here, links to what we consider to be some of our most important articles. The “Table of Contents” below will give you a jump to each subject collection. Over the coming months, when taking a break from a couple ambitious other projects, we may add more or switch out different articles for those listed here, so stop back from time to time.

Thanks for stopping by. Tamia Nelson

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« Health, Well-Being, and Safety »

« Ethics, Environment, and Philosophy »

« Nelson’s Column »

« Farwell’s Rules »

« In the Company of Trees »

« Voices of the Wild »

« “Tin Tanks,” or, the Case for Aluminum Canoes »

« Getting Away »

« Girl Talk »

« What Am I to Wear? »

« The Happy Camper »

« It’s Alimentary »

« Contemporary Trip Reports and Journals »

« Dispatches From Our Readers »

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