The Paddler On Shore: Camping, Cooking, Exploring Afoot, and More

Are you new to camping, and are unsure how to go about it? Maybe you need help figuring out how to read a map, or how to store your boat in winter. Or maybe you’re hoping to learn more about cooking in camp, or need a recipe for energy bars, or are uncertain how to purify “wild water.” Then you’ve come to the right place. Our articles linked below touch on these and many others related to those subjects of interest to the paddler on shore. You’re in a hurry? Then here’s a table of contents to take you straight to the subject you want:

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Voyageurs Ashore by Frances Ann Hopkins

Camp, Sweet Camp: Smoothing It in the Backcountry

Secrets of a Happy Camper

Camp Comfort

Making Ready for the Night

Shelters for Paddlers: Tents, Tarps, and Hybrids

And Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep …

To Build a Fire …

Backcountry Sanitation, Fundamental Issues, and Practical Ecology

Girl Talk!

Staying Healthy and Keeping Safe in the Backcountry

First Aid, Survival Kits, Disease Prevention, and Dental Care

Flora and Fauna With a Bite: From Poison Plants to Noshing Insects

Survival and Backcountry Best Practices

Can I Drink the Water?

Swimming, Hiking, Angling, and Other Active Endeavors

Activities at and in the Water

The Amphibious Trekker: Combining Paddling, Cycling, Hiking, and Hillwalking

On the Home Front …

Storing and Securing Boats and Gear

Knots and Ropework for Paddlers

Knots to Know

In the Workshop: For Thrifty and Do-it-Yourself Paddlers

Build, Repair, and Maintain Boats, Paddles, and Other Hardware

Sewing, Repairing, and Maintaining Soft Goods

Recycling and Upcycling

The Things We Carry: Our Personal Gear

Carry-Along Kit

Edged Tools: Knives, Multitools, Saws, and Big Blades

A Few of Our Favorite Things

What Am I to Wear?

Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

Insights on Eyewear

On Your Feet!

The Well-Dressed Paddler on the Water

Off Season: Making It Through Winter

Things to Do Indoors in Winter

Afoot Outside in Winter

Canoe-Camping with Thomas Hiram Holding
A note on the photo: This photo is of of a youngish Thomas Hiram Holding on a canoeing holiday in the mid-19th century, and is reproduced through the courtesy of The (UK) Camping and Caravanning Club.