The Landing

Snowy Gorge by Hiroshige, 1841

January 2018.  There’s a new calendar on the wall at Back in the Same Boat, and we can’t resist the temptation to start filling up all that blank space. So we’ll be adding to our series of SameBoat Shorts — Take three minutes to learn something new! — every week, and if you’ve time for a longer read, we’ve expanded our subject indexes, as well. Check out Moving On, a collection of columns offering advice and assistance to those paddlers and hillwalkers who are no longer as young (or as fit) as they once were. Feeling creative? Then Eye and Hand might be of interest, with articles on photography, sketching, painting, and the fine art of keeping a journal. And just for fun, click on this month’s feature picture. It’s Snowy Gorge by the Japanese artist Hiroshige, a depiction of river boats navigating the narrow confines of a deeply incised gorge.

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